Laser diode technology and application development

- 2021-09-17-

As one of the most important scientific and technological inventions of mankind in the 20th century, the laser diode has directly promoted the development of a number of emerging disciplines and high-tech skills, such as nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy, strong field physics, optical communication, optical communication, and optical communication. Accounting, optical information storage, laser chemistry, laser medicine, laser biology, laser fusion, laser isotopes, laser holography, laser processing, etc. At the same time, laser skills have also entered everyone's daily life, such as the ubiquitous CD player, VCD player, barcode scanner of supermarket cash register, laser printer, etc., all use leading laser skills. The development of laser diode opened up the use of laser technology, and the use of laser diode technology promoted the further development of laser science technology.
One of the latest frontiers of laser technology is the ultra-strong and ultra-fast laser. Super power means super high power and power density (referring to the power per unit area). Now a laser system can even generate up to 1015 watts of peak power, while the average power of the world's power grid is only on the order of 1012 watts; super fast means extreme With a short time scale, laser pulses are now only a few femtoseconds (10-15 seconds), and light only travels 0.3 microns within 1 femtosecond.

In recent years, the rapid development of new miniaturized ultra-strong and ultra-fast laser technology has provided mankind with brand-new experimental techniques and extreme physical conditions. This kind of extreme physical conditions created in the laboratory can only be found in the center of a nuclear explosion, in the interior of a star, or on the edge of a black hole. In today’s ultra-powerful and ultra-fast laser diode technology is now available and will be able to provide more and more powerful and faster light field conditions due to its further development, the interaction between the laser and various shapes of matter will change Enter the unprecedented ultra-fast scale of the strong field with high nonlinearity and relativism as the leading role, and will further deepen the study of the interaction of light and matter to a deeper level of matter, and even the interaction of light and vacuum, thus starting Ultra-powerful and ultra-fast laser diodes are a new frontier of modern science and technology.