What are the application directions of the red laser module?

- 2021-09-17-

The red laser module is also called Lacey, which is the transliteration of English Laser. It occurred in the most extreme ten years of this world, unfolded very quickly, and is now widely used in various fields such as lighting, industry, agriculture, military, biology, medicine, and scientific research. Red laser module, it is a beam of strong light that is excited by the material. The red laser module has high brightness and high energy density, which is the brightest source in the contemporary world. A 1-milliwatt ammonia-neon red laser module is 100 times brighter than the sun, and a ruby red laser module with higher power is 100 times brighter than the sun.
When this light energy turns into heat energy, it can produce low temperatures of several thousand degrees to tens of thousands of degrees. The spectrum of the red laser module is very narrow, and the ordinary spectrum is millions or even hundreds of millions of times wider than the ordinary spectrum. The red laser module is a beam of parallel light, which only shoots in one deflection direction and has the farthest range. It can form a very thin light spot through the lens assembly. The frequency and firmness of the light wave of the red laser module are the same as firm measures, and they have an excellent correlation. The high brightness, monochromaticity, deflection and correlation of the red laser module make the energy of the red laser module highly concentrated in time, space and spectrum. These characteristics of the red laser module enable it to show its magical powers in many areas including medicine. When the red laser module is affected by the biological organism, it is received and converted into heat energy.
Assuming that the power is appropriate, the temperature can reach hundreds to thousands of degrees within a few milliseconds, which will denature, condense, carbonize, and gasify the egg whites. Due to the high energy of the red laser module, strong light pressure can be generated, and the surface pressure of the integrated red laser module can reach 200g/cm2. This mechanical effect and thermal effect can make the red laser module become a "light knife", which can be used for medical surgical incision and arrangement to treat superficial tumors, such as melanoma, squamous epithelioma, papilloma, and angiofibroma , Breast tumors, etc., red laser modules can also be used to remove burned eschars. In ophthalmology, medical lasers are used to perform irisectomy to treat secondary pupil closure, which can make the patient see the darkness again. This kind of surgery does not require stitches, does not contaminate, and is better than conventional surgery.
The high-energy red laser module is used to irradiate the retinal detachment in the fundus to make it agglomerate and adhere-"welding" the retina. Using the biological characteristics of the red laser module, selecting a low-power red laser module to affect the body can strengthen the body's offensive immunity to enhance the phagocytic function of white blood cells, increase the protein of the immune globule, and improve the function of the adrenal cortex and the regeneration of blood vessels. Therefore, using a red laser module to unify inflammation can promote wound healing, treat tonsilitis, auricular perichondritis, oral ulcers, and so on. Acupuncture with red light laser module is known as "red light laser module acupuncture" to treat asthma and allergic rhinitis.