Features of green laser

- 2021-09-16-

Green laser refers to the light amplification generated by stimulated radiation and is a high-quality light source. The laser is actually no different, it's just that the color is different because of the different wavelength. Usually, the laser with a laser wavelength between 505nm and 556nm is called a green laser, because it emits a very intuitive visible green laser beam, which is clear and bright, and has strong resistance to stray light interference.

The green laser module uses imported laser diodes and optical lenses. The light spot is clear, the divergence is low, the collimation is good, and the industrial applicability is strong. The green laser module has a compact structure, low power consumption, stable working for a long time and good beam quality.

Green laser

Features of Green Laser Module:

1. Clear spot, low divergence, good collimation and small size

2. The temperature control, drive and laser are fully integrated, the structure is small and compact, and the external only needs DC power supply

3. After high and low temperature storage and vibration and shock tests, it has reliable stability and can work continuously and stably for 24 hours.

4. Redundant heat dissipation design, two-way temperature control and perfect two-way temperature protection function can ensure a wide operating temperature range without affecting the life of the laser.