Application of green laser

- 2021-09-16-

Green lasers or other things will appear brighter. This is because the human optic nerve is sensitive to green. Therefore, green lasers have been widely used in the education industry, the security field, and the marking and positioning industry.

Highway/Rescue Vehicle──Use the sensitivity of the eyes to green light to serve as a warning for driving at night and for rescue.

Teacher/Lecturer-Used for classroom teaching, it is like an infinitely extending pointer, so that you can easily point on the blackboard no matter in any corner of the classroom, it is definitely the right assistant of teachers!

Business people/conference speaker-used for product demonstrations and conference explanations, making your speeches more comfortable and communicating with customers more easily and naturally.

Museum/Exhibition Hall/Guide ──When you are at a loss when facing a target that is "hard to reach", it can help you easily and accurately indicate the target.

Wild traveler/explorer ─ ─ used for wild adventures, instructing distant targets and sending out distress signals. Make your travel more fun and interesting, and it is the first choice for outdoor activities.

Astronomy enthusiasts-for astronomy to refer to the stars, the beam emitted by the green laser is a very beautiful green line. It is very suitable for observing the starry sky at night and can accurately indicate the position of the stars.

Mining field/building construction personnel-used to accurately indicate/measure buildings from a long distance. It can avoid approaching dangerous areas. It makes you feel like a field commander from kilometers away.