How to improve the value of LD laser light in the consumption era

- 2021-09-10-

There are many factors in the display of product value, which seem very complicated, but in fact, the value of the product is summarized in three aspects:
Basic value. It is the basic use value of the LD laser light, which meets the most basic requirements of users.
Efficacy value. It refers to the other values ??of the LD laser lamp on top of the basic value, which is almost done by combining the characteristics of the LD laser lamp.
Spiritual value. Spiritual value refers to the culture or sentiment that the product contains in addition to its own value, which can be in line with the user's inner yearning for certain emotions or pursuits.
Four ways to increase product value
After understanding the value of LD laser light itself, let's talk about how to increase the value of LD laser light. There are four ways to increase the value of LD laser lights:
Improve product attributes. As the name implies, improving the properties of LD laser lights is to make corresponding improvements on the basis of the original LD ??laser lights, so that LD laser lights can meet the more diverse requirements of users.
Dig into product features. It refers to finding out the special effects of LD laser lamp itself through the knowledge and positioning of LD laser lamp, and improving the attractiveness of LD laser lamp to users.
Improve LD laser light service. In addition to the LD laser light itself, it is also a good way to improve the LD laser light service. Unlike directly increasing the power of the LD laser light, improving the service of the LD laser light is more similar to increasing the extra value.
Improve the packaging of LD laser lights. Although many brands do not regard packaging as an indispensable and important step, LD laser packaging is actually a relatively direct promotion from users, and it is also a demonstration of the personalization and differentiation of LD laser lights.
All in all, every LD laser light has its suitable value attributes. By changing its original positioning, we can find the place where LD laser light is more valuable to users and make it more in line with market requirements.