Laser module maintenance details

- 2021-09-09-

The laser module has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long life, etc., and has been widely used in laser ranging, lidar, ignition and detonation, and detection instruments. The application of semiconductor laser modules is becoming more and more extensive, so how should the laser module be maintained?

1. Avoid touching gases containing acids, alkalis, etc. The copper parts and aluminum parts used for the hardware of the laser module touch these gases or substances, and the appearance will be oxidized and blackened without luster, which will affect the beauty.

2. Do not expose the hardware in the laser module in a humid environment.

3. Follow the operating instructions to avoid irregular use methods.

4. Pay attention to heat dissipation. The temperature that occurs when using laser devices will reduce the power and endanger the service life of the laser.

5. The water circulation cooling part of the laser tube needs to be punctual to clean up the scale. You can add edible white vinegar to the circulating water, and then change the water to wash the tube wall clean and extend the service life.

6. Do not use blocking power supply for a long time to avoid current damage to laser equipment.