What are the main things that laser diodes need to operate

- 2021-08-23-

In order to enable the laser diode to work stably and efficiently, and to play its role in the widest range of daily life, the laser diode operator should pay attention to some matters during the operation.  Precautions for laser diodes.

1. The laser light emitted by the laser diode may cause damage to human eyes. When working with the diode, it is forbidden to look directly at its end face, and not to look directly at the laser through the lens, nor to observe the laser through the mirror.
2. The laser diode equipment needs suitable driving power. The instantaneous reverse current cannot exceed 2uA, and the reverse voltage cannot exceed 3V, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. When the drive power supply is switched on and off, the surge current should be avoided. When using an oscilloscope to test the drive circuit, first disconnect the power supply and then connect the oscilloscope probe. If the probe is tested with power on, the surge current may damage the equipment.

3. The laser diode equipment should be stored or operated in a clean environment. Operating at a higher temperature will increase the threshold current, lower the conversion frequency, and accelerate the aging of the equipment. When adjusting the optical input, use an optical power meter to check to avoid exceeding the large rated output.

4. The output power of the laser diode is higher than the specified parameters, which will accelerate the aging of the components. Laser diodes need sufficient heat dissipation or use under refrigeration conditions. The temperature of laser diodes is strictly controlled below 20 degrees to ensure longevity.

5. Laser diodes are electrostatic sensitive devices, which can only be picked up when the human body is in contact with them. Anti-static can use anti-static bracelets. The output wavelength of the laser is affected by the operating current and heat dissipation. It is necessary to maintain excellent heat dissipation conditions and lower the temperature of the die during operation. Add a radiator to avoid excessive temperature rise of the laser diode during operation.